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Billing Platform

Automation tools
to manage voice services

  • Service provisioning
  • Number management
  • Live call accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Call rating & fraud detection
  • No CDR imports required

Billing platform - the heart of a telecommunication provider.

Integrating key systems seamlessly with carrier grade redundancy.

Microsoft 365
Live reporting
and statistical
analysis module

Customer management


Automatic customer signup module

  • Customisable trial provisions;
  • Customer verification process (part of fraud detection and prevention);
  • Automated service provisioning;
  • Number management including portability automation;
  • Shopping cart for equipment sales including shipping calculations.

Automatic call-accounting

  • Prepaid and postpaid billing models;
  • Advanced call rating engine;
  • Support of call packages and bundling;
  • Unlimited number of call plans support;
  • Call fraud detection and prevention, acceptable usage policy enforcement;
  • Inbound and outbound call rating support.

Automatic subscriptions assignment

  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual subscription definition;
  • Pro-rata charges and refunds;
  • Activation and deactivation fees support;
  • Minimum term enforcement;
  • Account based discounts.

Automatic invoicing and accounts receivable

  • Ability to define various invoice cycles;
  • Support for prepaid and postpaid billing models with automatic top up function;
  • Notifications and reminders;
  • Support for multiple industry leading payment gateways;
  • Provisioning for multiple payment methods;
  • Automatic suspension and re-activation, support for overdue fees.

Automatic customer referral module

  • Customer referral portal with email and URL invites;
  • Automated commission and rebate payments;
  • Commission reports.

Designed & developed for
the channel market

Following the best industry practices

Consistent research & development

Guided by
the partners