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VoIPcloud network

Redundancy on all levels - connectivity, call routing, co-location.




Data centres in different continents. Clustered software development approach to scale with ease. Consistent research and development.

How are we different?

In-house software development team. Intellectual property ownership. Providing us with an almost unfair advantage within the market. Passing significant savings on call termination by aggregating call volumes via Tier 1 upstream carriers.


APAC region

Our equipment for the APAC region is collocated in Equinix and Colocity data centres, creating full GEO redundancy for our Australian and New Zealand customers.

Equinix has a reputation as one of the most reliable and secure data centres in the world with direct low latency connectivity to the largest carriers in Australia and New Zealand.


For United Kingdom and European customers, we have leased rack space in Pulsant DC near London, UK.

Pulsant is a Tier 3+ datacenter that has a proven record of 100% power uptime and complete 2N protection.


For customers in the United States of America and Canada, our services are supplied from Coresite Data center. CoreSite’s Los Angeles campus boasts one of the most well-developed data center ecosystems in the world. Tethered together by high-density dark-fiber, the campus is comprised of over 670 networks, cloud and enterprise customers.


VoIPcloud Wholesale is a registered member of APNIC and RIPE

We own multiple IPv4 ranges that allow us to use BGP connectivity directly with multiple IP transit providers. No single point of failure and ability to re-route traffic in the event of packet loss or increased latency to selected destinations give us flexibility and full control over how customer voice traffic is reaching our network.

We use separate connections for our data and voice traffic that allows us to increase stability of the voice network without compromising on bandwidth for the other non-voice applications.


VoIPcloud services are constantly monitored by – is one of the leading independent network monitoring services with advanced reporting and notification systems. Hyperspin allows monitoring of VoIPcloud servers from multiple geo independent locations that guarantee zero false alarms. This combined with reliable automatic SMS/Email notification service allows for immediate response to any issues that may arise.

Hardware infrastructure

We use HP Blade systems, SAN storage, stackable switching equipment that allows us to add resources as required, utilise maximum of available rack space and reduce our carbon footprint.

This combined with cutting edge virtualization technology gives us complete redundancy and flexibility without having to share resources with others.

Unlike systems that are hosted on cloud infrastructure of other large market players, our applications don’t have to compete for resources. This allows for stable, high quality voice traffic processing.

SaaS model

Software development, colocation & connectivity, updates & bugfixes

We take full responsibility for the lifecycle of our services. Providing a channel market with the tools to resolve ever changing telecom industry requirements.