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  • Voice only dedicated IP Transit link

  • Registered with APNIC and RIPE, presenting our own AS numbers for BGP routing

  • Tier 1 carrier aggregation. We route your calls via multiple Tier-1 carriers in Australia, New Zealand, UK, North America that allows us to automatically re-route failed call attempts

  • Multiple data centres

  • Full redundancy in connectivity, hardware and software

SLA Guaranteed at 99.95% service uptime

  • Independently monitored by, one of the leading independent network monitoring service width advanced reporting & notification systems

  • 24x7 NOC monitoring


  • Clustered Softswitch infrastructure

  • Support for a high number of CPS (CAPS)

  • Ability for automatic channel provisioning

Automatic fraud detection and mitigation

  • Automatic detection of any unusual call activity

  • Ability to restrict traffic to listed IPs, domains, registrations

  • Ability to disable routing to high risk destinations

  • Configuration of maximum spend limits


  • Extensive knowledge base available online

  • SIP Connectivity assistance

  • Direct access to Level 2 voice and network engineers

  • 24x7 support assistance