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and the United Kingdom.

Agent program

It is extremely easy to resell VoIPcloud services. We have developed and launched fully automated reseller module that allows anyone to use our services and to share its benefits with others. By recommending us you will not only get your commissions – you will also help other businesses to get most of the modern telecommunication technologies and to save on costs.

The simplest way to get started as an Agent is to first sign up with one of our whitelabel resellers, try the system for yourself and once you know its basics, apply to become an agent via your customer portal - Referrals menu. Automated referrals system will allow you to easily send email invites to your friends and business colleagues. Many of our whitelabel resellers also offer discounts to the customers who joined via referral, making it win win for you and for your referee. Use our contact form at the bottom of this page if you want us to direct you to the nearest whitelabel reseller.

This reseller level does not have any special requirements.

  • No minimum or maximum number of referrals
  • No technical expertise required
  • No initial investments
Commissions paid monthly to your billing account as fixed percentage of all your referrals invoices

Whitelabel program

Whitelabel reseller program is our most popular re-branded solution suitable for IT qualified consultants or companies.

It allows reseller to expand its service offerings using their own brand in conjunction with our wholesale platform, while at the same time it does not require any special experience with VoIP technologies, nor online merchant account.

As a whitelabel partner you will receive the following:

  • Automated online signup system that you can publish on your own web site
  • Re-branded customer portal, reports, invoices
  • Full control over your customer Hosted VoIP system
  • Customized call plans
  • Your own monthly recurring service fees that you want to charge your customers
  • You can have your own reseller agents referring your services
  • Dedicated wholesale account manager to help you with complex enquiries
  • Allowance for end user technical support during peak times
  • Generous reseller commissions from various services and products purchased by your customers
  • Freedom to sell your own equipment or additional services (e.g. system setup, cabling etc)
  • Ability to provide prepaid and postpaid accounts to end users. (Security deposit may be required)
  • Re-branded solution. "Your brand - powered by VoIPcloud"

Whitelabel reseller requirements:
  • Sound knowledge of computer networking & IT in general
  • Good organisational & negotiation skills
  • Must provide basic technical and billing support to their customers
  • Commissions are only payable on cleared invoices
  • You will be required to undergo basic training and pass our test
  • There is a once off reseller account activation fee that covers rebranding, systems setup and initial training.

Wholesale program

Run your own telco business. We provide you with state of the art billing system, multitenant hosted PABX, colocation, IPs, systems maintenance, updates and development of new features. We also supply highly competitive wholesale call termination and DID/DDI rates.

You develop your own call plans, advertise your business, provide support and assistance to your clients. There will be no reference to any wholesale provider and system is fully rebrandable.

We do not contact your customers, but we can assist you with complex technical issues your end users may have.

As a wholesale reseller you will:

  • Have your own whitelabel partners and agents referring your services to others
  • Be responsible for collection of customer payments
  • Pay us agreed rates for DIDs/DDIs, termination, software licenses and sell at any price you want
  • Be able to set prices for DIDs/DDIs, equipment, porting charges and other additional services you may offer
  • Have prepaid and postpaid customer accounts

  • Excellent knowledge of computer networking & IT in general
  • Previous experience in VoIP business is highly recommended
  • Advanced understanding of VoIP related protocols and technologies
  • Online merchant account
  • Advanced training and understanding of our billing and hosted PBX platforms
  • Payment of initial setup fee with a minimum term commitment

Our systems

  • Fully redundant cloud server infrastructure hosted in modern data centres in Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom
  • Crystal clear call quality: We use most advanced VoIP codecs, interconnect directly with Tier 1 carriers via redundant fiber cross connects with minimal latency times, 24/7 monitoring.
  • VoIPcloud is registered with both: APNIC in Asia Pacific and RIPE in Europe and has automonous system numbers in each point of presence. This allows us to use redandant BGP connectivity to multiple IP transit providers.
  • Handsets from Yealink at the lowest wholesale prices available to our resellers
  • QoS routers for voice prioritisation
  • VoIPcloud systems and technology are optimised for quality, not cost

Reseller benefits

  • Extremely easy to sell due to genuine advantages cloud telephony brings to almost any business
  • Ongoing recurring income model
  • Potential to grow and switch to ‘more involved’ wholesale program with experience
  • Improve your reputation by delivering REAL benefits to your clients

products Whitelabel program

Hosted PBX service
Unmatched functionality
Easy to connect
Competitive call rates
Location independent
Easy to use self management portal
VoIP trunks
Can be used to connect existing PBX equipment and save on line rentals & call costs. This can also be used to merge hosted PBX with onsite systems
Internet for VoIP
Allow direct uncontended data connection from client office direct to our data center. Guaranteed quality of voice traffic.
Toll free numbers
Free porting
Instant activation
Drag & drop call flow management
Custom call plans for high call volume clients
Can be used as stand alone service or linked to PBX/SIP trunks
Skype for Business
Complete unified communication suite integrated with feature rich PBX call flow management Unique solution based on shared multitenant infrastructure that allows highly competitive pricing structure even for small deployments
International phone numbers
Connect phone numbers from over 50 countries around the world. Resell services to local and international clients

Reseller programs

Revenue model
End user pricing plans
Charge extra for your services (monthly or once off)
Portal access
Reseller support
Customer support
Whitelabel reseller branding
Commission payments
VoIPcloud plans
Once off only
Referral portal
Support by whitelabel reseller and VoIPcloud
Whitelabel - level 1,
VoIPcloud - level 2
Revenue model
End user pricing plans
Charge extra for your services (monthly or once off)
Portal access
Reseller support
Customer support
Your brand, powered by VoIPcloud
Commission payments
VoIPcloud plans.
Limited customisation.
Monthly and once off
Real time provisioning
portal - assist your customers
Manage your own
Dedicated account
VoIPcloud assisted
& Level 2
Revenue model
End user pricing plans
Charge extra for your services (monthly or once off)
Portal access
Reseller support
Customer support
Fully rebrandable
Wholesale buy rates
Your custom plans
Monthly and once off
Wholesale portal
Manage your own
resellers, agents
Dedicated account
VoIPcloud level 2

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