SIP Trunking

Reliable connectivity for your onsite phone system

Connect your VoIP compatible onsite phone system and save on line rentals and calls. We can also interconnect hosted PBX with your onsite system, provide Toll Free numbers via SIP trunk and offer inbound numbers from other countries.

Up & down arrows Inbound and outbound
caller ID support
Handshake Risk free
14 day trial
Headphones Support for SIP protocol
Number porting Number porting. Port your numbers in or out.
Bill Prepaid and postpaid billing models
Gears Assistance with configuration of your PBX
Gears G.711 (alaw or ulaw), G.729, G.722 codecs

Advanced functionality

SIP trunk service is part of our PBX system. This enables some unique features to be configured
that are not normally available for SIP trunk services.
Integration between onsite and Hosted PBX systems
Automated failover in the event of internet outages
SIP aggregation of traffic from multiple VOIP carriers into one central system.
Compatibility with MS Lync/Skype for business solutions.
Use your own Skype for Business system and terminate calls via our Skype PSTN gateway

SIP trunk object within PBX can be
configured in two different modes:

Diversion to SIP URI
This mode is useful if you want to send a call to the specified SIP address. SIP URI must be in the following format:
example: or 61399997999@
Create SIP registration
Register your SIP Server with us (e.g. connect your PBX to us).
Enjoy low VoIP rates and complete integration between your onsite and hosted PBX systems.
Your PBX will be able to call users on our system or dial out to the world and PBX users will be able to call extensions on your PBX.

SLA Guaranteed uptime of 99.9%

for your mission critical phone business phone system

VoIPcloud provides business grade VoIP connectivity, complete system redundancy, locally based technical support. Our servers are independently monitored for uptime by - who also provides us with automatic outage notifications.

Our team will work together with your business to achieve maximum uptime by checking your existing internet connectivity, organising new reliable links, providing expert advice.

SLA Guaranteed uptime
99.9 %
Independently monitored by,
one of the leading independent network monitoring services width advanced reporting & notification systems.

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